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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 07-11-2020. Bigg Boss 4 Tamil November 7th 2020 | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 07/11/2020. Bigg Boss Tamil 07.11.2020 | Watch Bigg Boss Tamil full episode 07/11/2020.

Big Boss 07/11/20. 4th Season of Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted by Kamal Haasan once again.

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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 07-11-2020 For the first time in the history of Bigg Ascendant figure, the Eviction–Free pass was introduced. In Week 2, the nominated contestants for eviction (Aajeedh, Gabriella, Ramya, Rekha, Sanam, Samyuktha, Shivani and Suresh) were asked to be participate in this task. When the buzzer goes off the nominated housemates have to vote out another nominated housemate giving them a reason why they are not deserving enough to receive the Eviction–Free pass. The last person to remain would win the pass and flip the public votes and safe themselves from eviction whenever they are nominated in the future and supersede their eviction with another nominated housemate or they could utilize it on another housemate to safe them from eviction. But this pass is only valid up till Week 10 of the season afore it expires and it can withal be glommed by other housemates to utilize it as their benefit. This pass had been utilized in Week 3 by Aajeedh to preserve himself from getting evicted.

The fourth season was planned to be launched on June but delayed due to the pandemic situation. Star Vijay posted the teaser of the 4th Season, along with which the season’s logo was revealed. The season is set to premier on at 6:00 PM IST, on November 7 2020.

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